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Sankar Math O Mission

Founded by Srimat Swami Swarupananda Giri as a simple, forest hermitage near Sitakund, Chittagong District, Bangladesh, one and a half kilometres from the town centre beside the road to the ancient Chandranath Temple, through the efforts of his successor, Srimat Swami Jyotiswarananda Giri (1909-2006), Sankar Math O Mission grew to become a large ashrsam with numerous branches Bangladesh, India and worldwide. Now under the leadership of his disciple Srimat Swami Tapanananda Giri (1956-), Sankar Math o Mission still grows as a center for the teaching of Vedanta as expounded in the Upanishads, epitomized in Srimad Bhagavad Gita and analysed by Bhagavadpada Sri Sankaracharya and his followers, and for service to all.

This website contains information about Sankar Math O Mission in English and Bengali, and includes a list of the Ashram's publications (books, CD's), a list of the branches of the ashram, a (downloadable) recording of Swami Tapanananda Giri singing the Bhagavad Gita, photographs and more. (Click here for Full Contents)

All Rights Reserved by Sankar Math Mission. You may make single copies of photographs and other material on this website for personal use only. You may keep photographs from this website in your place of business, but any commercial use of material from this website is prohibited without permission from Sankar Math O Mission. If you copy from this website, please do not alter the content in any way.

If you access the Internet via a slow connection and have difficulty with large files, you may download this website onto a removable storage device at the head ashram at Sitakund and some of the branch ashrams.

This website is growing. We invite all relevant submissions of new material, but especially seek historic photos, old recordings, old letters and the like

Please let us know of any errors on this website. If we have not spelled your name in your preferred manner (e.g. 'Das' or 'Dass') please let us know and we will correct ourselves.

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